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product News
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  • 日期: 2022-05-11
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Heraeus Electronics 今天宣布推出其新的 Condura®.ultra Ag free AMB 基板。 Condura®.ultra 是一种经济高效、高度可靠、无银的 AMB 基板,可以将氮化硅基陶瓷与铜箔粘合在一起,Condura®.ultra 是使用一种特殊技术开发的,该技术通过使用新的无银活性金属钎焊来实现高性能 Si3N4 基板(AMB) 键合技术。

Heraeus Electronics 在纽伦堡电力电子、可再生能源和能源管理领域的领先会议和展览会 PCIM Europe 开幕之际宣布推出新产品。与 PCIM Europe 并行,SMTconnect 在 4、4A 和 5 号展厅举行。

为了更好地支持客户,Heraeus Electronics 推出了 Condura®.ultra,旨在提供出色的可靠性和加工(例如,烧结、粘合、焊接)。具有成本效益的高性能无 Si3N4 无银 AMB 基板可提供标准和厚铜层,热导率 ≥60 W/m.K 和 ≥80 W/m.K。

Heraeus Electronics 拥有全面的金属陶瓷基板产品组合,可满足电力电子领域的各种需求,从低功耗应用到最苛刻的行业。 Condura® 产品组合包括 Condura®.classic (DCB-Al2O3)、Condura®.extra (DCB-ZTA)、Condura®.prime (AMB-Si3N4) 和全新的 Condura®.ultra (Si3N4 Ag free AMB) .​​​

Heraeus Electronics 的金属陶瓷基板推荐用于使用 MOSFET 或 IGBT 半导体器件和二极管的电力电子模块(例如电流传动系统逆变器),广泛应用于汽车、电机驱动、UPS、电源、工业自动化和测试领域。

要了解更多信息,请访问 www.heraeus-electronics.com

Heraeus Electronics Announces Global Launch of Condura®.ultra Ag Si3N4 free AMB Substrate at PCIM Europe
Heraeus Electronics today announced the launch of its new Condura®.ultra Ag free AMB Substrate. A cost-efficient, highly reliable, Ag free AMB substrate that enables bonding silicon-nitride-based ceramics with copper foils, Condura®.ultra was developed using a special technique enabling high-performance Si3N4 substrates by using new, Ag free active metal brazing (AMB) bonding technology.

Heraeus Electronics announced the new product launch at the start of PCIM Europe, the leading conference and exhibition for power electronics, renewable energy and energy management in Nuremberg. In parallel to PCIM Europe, SMTconnect is held in halls 4, 4A and 5.

​In an effort to better support its customers, Heraeus Electronics has introduced Condura®.ultra which is designed to offer outstanding reliability and processing (e.g., sintering, bonding, soldering). The cost-efficient high-performance Si3N4 Ag free AMB substrate is available with standard and thick Cu layers and thermal conductivity of ≥60 W/m.K and ≥80 W/m.K.

With a comprehensive portfolio of metal ceramic substrates, Heraeus Electronics addresses the diverse needs of the Power Electronics segment, ranging from low-power applications up to the most demanding industries. The Condura® portfolio consists of Condura®.classic (DCB-Al2O3), Condura®.extra (DCB-ZTA), Condura®.prime (AMB-Si3N4), and the all new Condura®.ultra (Si3N4 Ag free AMB). ​

Heraeus Electronics’ metal ceramic substrates are recommended for power electronic modules (e.g., current drivetrain inverters) using MOSFETs or IGBT semiconductor devices and diodes for widespread applications in the fields of automotive, electric motor drives, UPS, power supplies, industrial automation and testing.

To learn more, visit www.heraeus-electronics.com

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