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  • 来源: MW Associates
  • 日期: 2023-05-10
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 (MESA, AZ) — ARBURG, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plastic processing machines, has successfully printed Mechnano’s new Polycarbonate Thermoplastic pellets with static dissipative properties “PC ESD” on their Freeformer line of pellet extrusion Additive Manufacturing printers.

Through its groundbreaking discrete, dispersed, and functionalized carbon nanotube technology, D’Func, Mechnano’s PC ESD pellets will allow ARBURG printer owners to fabricate static-dissipative parts with advanced properties, opening new doors for additive manufacturing, particularly in industries where ESD is of extreme importance in either the production process or final product. 


PC ESD Pellets parts printed on the ARBURG Freeformer

“Mechnano is excited to simultaneously announce our release of PC ESD and its qualification on ARBURG’s Freeformer printers. With ARBURG’s global reach, PC ESD will be accessible to a wide user base,” said Mechnano President Bryce Keeler. “The ability to additively produce functional components with ESD properties will create substantial advancements in the electronics manufacturing market, giving ARBURG printer owners a competitive edge in prototyping and production speed.”

Mechnano’s proprietary technology, D’Func, detangles, separates, and functionalized CNTs, then disperses them into the polycarbonate thermoplastic which is then pelletized to work on the Freeformer.  Unlike other CNT-enhanced materials, Mechnano’s PC ESD pellets are unique in ensuring homogeneous electrical properties. Mechnano’s nano-engineered dispersions eliminate CNT agglomerations that yield inconsistent static dissipation, allowing for 100% ESD coverage with precise ESD values (vs. ranges) being achieved.


To see parts printed with PC ESD, visit the ARBURG booth #3812 at RAPID + TCT in Chicago, May 2 – 4, 2023, and contact Mechnano to arrange a part sample and to learn more.





German family-owned company ARBURG is one of the world's leading manufacturers of plastic processing machines. Its product portfolio encompasses Allrounder injection moulding machines with clamping forces of between 125 and 6,500 kN, the Freeformer for industrial additive manufacturing and robotic systems, customer and industry-specific turnkey solutions and further peripheral equipment.


ARBURG is a pioneer in the plastics industry when it comes to production efficiency, digitalisation, and sustainability. ARBURG’s central aim is for customers to be able to produce their plastic products, from one-off parts to large-volume batches, in optimum quality at minimum unit costs. An international sales and service network ensures first-class customer support at a local level: ARBURG has its own organisations at 35 locations in 25 different countries and, together with its trading partners, is represented in more than 100 countries. Its machines are produced at the company's German headquarters in Lossburg. ARBURG has triple certification, in accordance with ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 50001 (energy). Further information about ARBURG can be found at www.arburg.com


About Mechnano

Mechnano is an Additive Manufacturing (AM) materials company, and the only in the World enhancing AM materials with discrete, dispersed, and functionalized carbon nanotubes. The company’s proprietary technology, D’Func, allows for exponential improvements of nearly all types of AM materials with properties that were previously thought impossibleHeadquartered in Arizona, this US company is backed by over a decade of research and development and protected by over 130 process and composition of matter patents. D’Func enables improvements in areas such as static dissipation, impact, tear resistance, and tensile. Learn more at mechnano.com and LinkedIn.


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