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  • 日期: 2024-02-20
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Immediate Availability and Flexible Financing: South-Tek Systems Unveils Unmatched Offerings for Nitrogen Generator Solutions

Wilmington, NC. — February 2024 South-Tek Systems, a pioneering force in nitrogen generation technology and recent recipient of both the esteemed 2023 GLOBAL Technology Award and 2023 Mexico Technology Award for Mission Critical Nitrogen PurityProtect, is delighted to announce a series of customer-centric initiatives designed to enhance service delivery and operational efficiency. With a focus on immediacy, flexibility, and unwavering quality, South-Tek Systems is setting a new industry standard in nitrogen generation solutions.


In response to the growing demand for reliable and high-purity nitrogen, South-Tek Systems is excited to reveal that a robust inventory of cutting-edge nitrogen generators is now available and ready for immediate deployment. This strategic stock ensures that businesses can quickly access the nitrogen solutions they need without the usual wait, with an unprecedented lead time of just 3-5 weeks.


Understanding the diverse financial needs of its clientele, South-Tek Systems is also introducing a range of flexible financing options. Customers can now opt for leasing, long-term rentals, or short-term rentals of nitrogen generators, providing a tailored financial solution that aligns with their unique operational and budgetary requirements.


Mike Dolan, Director of Sales & Marketing at South-Tek Systems, emphasizes the company's commitment to customer satisfaction and operational excellence. "Our customers' success is our top priority. By offering immediate availability of our award-winning nitrogen generators and flexible, aggressive financing options, we are ensuring that our clients have the support and resources they need to thrive in today's dynamic market.”


The renowned N2GEN series of PSA nitrogen generators, a flagship offering by South-Tek Systems, is known for its wide range of flow rates and nitrogen purities, ranging from 95% to an impressive 99.999%. Tailored to meet the specific demands of each application, these units can be integrated with dedicated air compressors, dryers, and boosters for a comprehensive turnkey solution.


As the largest full-line cleaning company in North America, South-Tek Systems continues to drive innovation and set benchmarks in the industry. The company's recent accolade, the 2023 GLOBAL Technology Award, is a testament to its dedication to delivering mission-critical nitrogen solutions that protect and enhance the operations of businesses across the globe.


For more information about South-Tek Systems' nitrogen generation solutions and flexible financing options, click here!


About South-Tek Systems

South-Tek Systems is a Pfingsten Partners company. Since 1997, South-Tek has designed, developed, and manufactured best-in-class Nitrogen generation technology. Based in the U.S.A., South-Tek has over 12,000 Nitrogen generator installations in privately held businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

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South-Tek Systems, LLC
Greg Pope


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