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  • 日期: 2024-03-17
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Data I/O to Showcase Automated Pre-placement Device Programming and Security Provisioning Solutions for the Connected Factory at

IPC APEX Expo 2024

Product demos of industry leading PSV7000 and PSV3500 automated programming solutions, VerifyBoost for Lumen®X delivers a 64% increase in programming performance and ConneX® Service, enables two-way integration between PSV Programming Systems and Manufacturing Execution System “MES” for enhanced quality, efficiency, and traceability.

Redmond, WA, February 2024 – Data I/O Corporation (NASDAQ: DAIO), the leading global provider of advanced security and data deployment solutions for security ICs, microcontrollers and memory devices will showcase device programming and security provisioning solutions delivering high-performance, configuration flexibility automated device programming systems with security provisioning and industry 4.0 integration capability to enable traceability, process analysis and two-way communication that improves factory efficiency and quality at the lowest total cost of ownership. Data I/O will demonstrate a 64% increase in programming performance on Lumen®X Programmers with VerifyBoost™, the PSV family automated device programming systems, SentriX® security provisioning platform and the ConneX® software application that enables Data I/O’s device programming systems to integrate into the connected factory at the IPC APEX Expo in booth #3107 in Anaheim, California from April 9th – 11th at the Anaheim Convention Center.


About LumenX Programming Platform & VerifyBoost 

VerifyBoost delivers rapid verify performance up to 750 MBps High-speed Gear3 x 2-Lane support for UFS devices for a massive 4.5x increase in performance. This enables our customers to immediately leverage existing production capacity for significant throughput gains, reduce the total cost of programming by up to 39% and maximize their existing investment in Data I/O’s programming technology. High-throughput PSV programming systems using LumenX programmers with high socket capacity and VerifyBoost enable manufacturers to use one PSV system to program what previously required multiple systems to produce. Learn more about VerifyBoost for LumenX programmers at www.dataio.com/VerifyBoost.


About ConneX Service Software

Electronics manufacturers, focused on operational efficiency to drive down costs and increase production capacity, are expanding their smart factory initiatives to integrate offline pre-programming processes into their Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). ConneX enables customers to directly integrate data programming and security provisioning inputs and outputs between a Data I/O PSV programming system and an external application such as MES systems and analytics or web dashboards via industry standard protocols, to enable traceability, process analysis and two-way communication that improves factory efficiency and quality. 


To show the power of ConneX, Data I/O will display an example of a factory monitoring application with samples of dashboards a customer can build by accessing key areas of data collected during the programming process including system status, availability, utilization, socket adapter usage statistics and more. Learn more about ConneX at www.dataio.com/Solutions/ConneX


The PSV7000 is the world’s premier automated programming solution with speed, flexibility, fast changeover, and small parts handling to manage any job for the lowest total cost of ownership.  Engineered for velocity and versatility, the PSV7000 combines industry leading robotics handling, the LumenX revolutionary programming technology for fastest device programming and highest socket density ideal for automotive applications.  A comprehensive suite of process control software applications along with fiber laser marking and 3D co-planarity component inspection meets the demanding process requirements for automotive electronics applications and Industry 4.0 automation. Learn more at www.dataio.com/PSV7000.


The PSV3500 is the cost-effective entry point for high-quality automated device programming for low mix / high volume applications.  Ideal for customers moving to automated pre-placement programming for the first time, the PSV3500 delivers trusted performance and reliability at an affordable price.  The PSV3500 is ideal for customers setting up automated pre-placement programming for the first time.. Learn more at www.dataio.com/PSV3500.


SentriX Security Provisioning Platform with SentriX Product Creator
SentriX Security Provisioning Platform with SentriX Product Creator reduces the complexity inherent in defining security for mass production by an order of magnitude. SentriX delivers pre-configured security deployment profiles for the most popular IoT use cases such as cloud onboarding, secure boot, access control, device authenticity and others. OEMs can use the provided pre-defined use cases or customize their own security profile. Secrets and credentials input product definitions using SentriX Product Creator are protected in transport and at rest to a SentriX security provisioning system.  The PSV7000 and PSV5000 systems are field-upgradable to support SentriX and secure provisioning. Learn more at www.dataio.com/sentriX.


Customers attending the IPC APEX Expo in Anaheim, California can visit Data I/O’s booth in booth #3107 to see product demonstrations including VerifyBoost for LumenX displaying up to 750 MBps performance, the ConneX Service Software with system monitoring dashboards, SentriX security provisioning platform and the PSV7000 and PSV3500 automated programming systems. 



About Data I/O Corporation

Since 1972, Data I/O has developed innovative solutions to enable the design and manufacture of electronic products for automotive, Internet-of-Things, medical, wireless, consumer electronics, industrial controls, and other electronics devices. Today, our customers use Data I/O’s data programming solutions and security deployment platform to secure the global electronics supply chain and protect IoT device intellectual property from point of inception to deployment in the field.  OEMs of any size can program and securely provision devices from early samples all the way to high volume production prior to shipping semiconductor devices to a manufacturing line. Data I/O enables customers to reliably, securely, and cost-effectively bring innovative new products to life. These solutions are backed by a portfolio of patents and a global network of Data I/O support and service professionals, ensuring success for our customers.



  Data I/O Corporation

  Jennifer Higgins

  Director, Corporate Marketing




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