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  • 来源: MW Associates
  • 日期: 2024-04-03
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MALDEN, Mass., April 2, 2024 (Business Wire) – actnano, Inc., a global leader in surface protection technologies for automotive, consumer, and industrial electronics, announced today the closing of a $40 million investment by Anthelion Capital. 

actnano’s innovative solutions are trusted globally by leading electronics OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers to provide advanced protection from water and harsh environmental conditions. The company will use the proceeds to continue expanding its technical sales and services footprint as well as to increase production volumes and efficiencies to meet the global demand for their product.  


“Our technology outperforms all other electronics protection available in the industry today,” said Taymur Ahmad, CEO of actnano. “Demand for our products has increased significantly because our coatings are safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly, and their performance surpasses that of traditional, outdated conformal coatings historically used for electronics protection.”


“It is rare to find a company that has developed technologies which are truly better performing, cost-saving, and more environmentally sustainable compared to top market alternatives,” said Vusal Najafov, Co-Founder, Anthelion Capital. “actnano is a leading innovator in the space, with its customer-driven product development driving rapid scaling within core customers and adoption across multiple new applications and industries such as sustainable energy.”


Anthelion Capital is an investment and data science platform which provides flexible capital solutions to environmentally sustainable companies, seeking cutting-edge solutions that positively impact the environment. Anthelion believes that promoting sustainability, reducing waste, and conserving resources are key steps toward achieving a cleaner environment for future generations. 


Previous rounds have included investments from BMW i Ventures, Porsche Ventures, HELLA Ventures, TDK Ventures, Emerald Technology Ventures, GC Ventures America, Henkel Tech Ventures, Ireon Ventures, and Material Impact.

About actnano, Inc.
actnano is setting a new standard for electronics protection with its water and environmental resistant nanocoating technology, Advanced nanoGUARD™. The company’s surface protection technologies can be applied directly on connectors, antennas, LEDs, and high heat-generating components, allowing electronics manufacturers to comprehensively safeguard their devices for the first time. With a scalable, turnkey solution that seamlessly integrates into existing manufacturing lines, actnano is positioned to expand its global footprint with leading automotive and consumer electronics manufacturers. Today the company is a trusted partner to global automotive and consumer electronics OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers as customers and investors. ANG technology is already integrated into production vehicles and the world’s leading consumer devices. For more information, please visit www.actnano.com.

About Anthelion Capital

Anthelion Capital is a growth-oriented investment platform that provides flexible capital and data science solutions to environmentally sustainable companies. The firm was founded in 2015 and is based in New York City. In 2018, Anthelion Capital partnered with Cowen Inc. to advance growth as Cowen Sustainable Investments. In December 2023, co-founders Vusal Najafov and Ewa Kozicz reacquired the firm and rebranded it back to Anthelion Capital. The platform has $1.3 billion in assets, primarily from large institutional investors including pension plans and sovereign wealth funds. For more information, visit www.anthelioncap.com.


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